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And the winner is....

The cartoon as originally published plus the winners and runners-up for the most recent contests are now posted here. Click here to see the original cartoon and the winning entries for previous contests.

Contest concluded on October 10th:

Last one in is ???!

And the winner is ....
"I'm afraid this gives a whole new meaning to 'swimming the last leg'."
Submitted by: Vi Rentz

Runners-up are:
"Hey, just remember this is a SWIM MEET, not a SWIM EAT."
Submitted by: Jim

"Just pray he isn't related to you mother's purse."
Submitted by: Joe Egan

Contest concluded on September 26th:

What a mess!

And the winner is ....
"At first I was scared if I cleaned up I would lose something. Now I'm afraid I might find something."
Submitted by: Sweet Lorraine

Runners-up are:
"Couldn't find your Pokemon cards, huh?"
Submitted by: Sarah

"Don't worry, I know exactly where everything is ... it's somewhere in this room."
Submitted by: Frank Dutton

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