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3-D Virtual Reality Comics .... Navigable (Quicktime) and regular versions......

Get Lost in the Paper with Frank! Experience the newspaper like never before! Quicktime version. Non-Quicktime version.

Join the hunt for cookies! Alien Cookie Monsters have travelled through the galaxy to find cookies! Quicktime version. Non-Quicktime version.

Find the Silly Putty! Explore in a child's room to discover all of the places children hide their favorite toy! Quicktime version. Non-Quicktime version.

Visit this Museum of Real History. Discover who participated in many of the greatest inventions and discoveries of all time! Quicktime version. Non-Quicktime version.

Go to the Art Auction. Explore Ernie's art collection - you may even be able to enter some of the painings! Quicktime version. Non-Quicktime version.

Pyramid the people! Just how advanced were those ancient Egyptians? What's inside - and around - the pyramid? Quicktime version. Non-Quicktime version.

Lunar Stagefright. Join on the moon! What were they doing there and why do have stagefright? Quicktime version. Non-Quicktime version.

Flash Story ....Go grocery shopping with!

Stock up at the Market and help select items from the shelf!


Link Stories .... Your clicks decide the outcome!

Campaign Manager - Just like a real election, there are twists and turns along the way. your choices will lead you to one of sixteen possible endings!

Let's Eat Out -There's lots on the menu here! This link story has 32 possible endings. You decide - will it be a gourmet or a gourmand experience?!

Taxing Times -See which of the sixteen possible endings result in lower taxes! You won't be audited!

Hardware or Software - You decide what the problem is with Frank and Ernest's computer and what they should do to correct it!


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