Family Statement


OCTOBER 5, 1924 - AUGUST 1, 2006

Our husband and father had a full and wonderful life and he loved cartooning. He introduced Frank & Ernest to us as an idea for an idea for a comic strip during a family dinner many years ago. Bob at a drawing board had been part of our family life before this as he had drawn magazine cartoons in addition to his work as an industrial psychologist. While other husbands and fathers golfed or gardened, ours drew. So, we welcomed Frank & Ernest from the very beginning and they have been the source of many wonderful moments for our family.

On Bob's' behalf there are a number of people we would like to acknowledge. First and foremost, are the readers of Frank & Ernest. Bob respected you and he did his best to have that respect reflected in his work. He wasn't advocating a point of view or targeting a specific demographic - he just wanted the strip to be funny. Thank you for supporting this. Of course, there have been a lot of people at NEA and United Media who have worked hard on behalf of Frank & Ernest
and Bob had no doubt that the editors, salespeople and business people were partners in the success of Frank & Ernest. We would like to make a special acknowledgement to the late Tom Peoples, from NEA, who was willing to take a chance on a single panel strip when nobody else would because it had never been done before.

Tom Thaves has collaborated with Bob on the production of Frank & Ernest since 1997. In recent years Bob had transitioned into a semi-retirement and now Tom will continue to lead a team effort to produce the strip.

Bob was never a big joiner of groups - but by virtue of his work, he was part of a special group, cartoonists. He had immense respect for the work of other cartoonists and did his best to encourage and support others. Thank you for the friendship and respect you showed him. Lastly, there are a number of people whose contributions literally make Frank & Ernestpossible. These include many writers and Don Dougherty and Sam Hurt who provide key assistance with the artwork. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

As we write, we recall a cartoon Bob did a few years back. Thank you for the consideration and good wishes.

Katie Thaves, Bob's wife
Sara Thaves, Bob's daughter
Tom Thaves, Bob's son





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